Meet Robert Trotter. The Person. The Athlete.

This is Robert Trotter’s football  highlight video.  Robert Trotter will be playing for McIntosh High School in his senior year (2010 Football Season).  McIntosh is in Georgia High School Association’s Region 3-AAAA.  McIntosh is located in Fayette County (metro Atlanta), Georgia.  This past football season, Sandy Creek High School was in the same region as McIntosh.  Sandy Creek won the AAAA Football title in Georgia this past season.  Sandy Creek is home of several NFL players, including the Lions’ Calvin Johnson.  Sandy Creek, because of lower student enrollment, dropped to AAA for the coming season.

McIntosh is in the same region as Griffin High School, another school which has produced NFL athletes like Willie Gault of  the 1985 World Champion Chicago Bears.  The McIntosh football schedule is located near the end of this video.  McIntosh’s head football coach Glenn Griffin’s contact information is also provided at the end of the video. 

The video is less than ten minutes.  Sit back and enjoy!  Robert Trotter’s play does indeed seem to be effortless, as his Landmark coach Durand Rice noted.  As Coach J. C. Randall (now with the Texas Tech football program) also observed, Robert Trotter is “a gifted athlete.”  More than this, though, he is a young man of sterling character!  A “yes, sir,” “no, sir,” “please,” and “thank you” type kid.

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18 Responses to Meet Robert Trotter. The Person. The Athlete.

  1. Gary T. says:

    I watched the video. I am very impressed with the football — or athletic — skills of Robert Trotter. He ought to be a great addition to the McIntosh football program! I’ll have to make it a point to watch McIntosh this year!

  2. JIm says:

    He looks to have good movements and good ball skills. He has the ability to play on the collegiate level. He should seriously check out SportsPressTv. com because if he is under the radar they can seriously help him. He is pretty good though.

  3. Tip says:

    I think that Robert trotter been under the radar screen from the recruiting services like and I know that Landmark has been a running team for years. Mcintosh throws the ball much more- and when Trotter gets so many more chances to catch the ball — I think more people will hear about him.

  4. Boby Dick says:

    Robert Trotter, will be a power house player this year at the “Tosh”. Roberts speed and quicknes remind me of Micheal Vick. I cant wait to see which college he chooses to go to.

  5. leonard says:

    I heard that Robert Trotter was invited to Football University’s Top Gun school in Virginia. This ought to give him more exposure.

  6. Pete T. says:

    Robert Trotter looks like a great prospect. I’ll keep up with his play this year at McIntosh!

  7. L.Kelley says:

    I think that trotter is somehwat undersized for DI, but if someone take a chance on him he may be the next dexter mccluster. He can move though. He definitely can play!!!

  8. Phil B. says:

    Robert Trotter appears to be a great high school prospect. I look forward to keeping up with him in the college ranks.

  9. Kooter Anderson says:

    Trotter got four TD receptions and 2 picks at the 7 on 7 scrimmage (several schools) at McEachern High in Cobb last month. Very impressed with this kid!!!

  10. Frank Z. says:

    Why doesn’t ESPN update the measureables on Robert Trotter. He’s certainly gotten bigger, stronger, and faster since March of his sophomore year. I have seen his stats for the 2010 Nike Camp on the internet but ESPN for some reason has not updated the info on Trotter. I think that he’s going to have great senior year at McIntosh. McIntosh relies on the pass.



  12. Golfnut says:

    I watched McIntosh play Shaw of Columbus in a pre-season game last FRiday night. Robert Trotter’s reception in the end zone was nice. He had other receptions too. Cam Porter, the QB, looked good passing the ball. The Varsities play for three quarters, and McIntosh was in the lead, 9 to 6. Porter to Trotter >>>

  13. college football fan 111 says:

    I saw some YouTube clips about McIntosh’s game last Friday night in Pike County. Tomorrow McIntosh takes on Dutchtown in Henry county..i’ll try to find the clip ..or at least on of them on a link in the Atlanta paper. Look at something “southside high school observor” wrote . He provided a link. Let me try to find it…If you go to the 1:25 part of the tape you will see two of Trotter’s catches and a touchdown. Hey, I actually got the link to You Tube.

  14. college football fan 111 says:

    Robert Trotter has been faring fine so far, but McIntosh has been struggling. McIntosh lost its starting QB Cam Porter in the second series of first quarter of first game. He was out for three games. He came back in the fourth game against Northgate, and McIntosh won 28 to 17.

    Trotter has scored a few touchdown so far and has made some great catches for first downs. He’s also has some good touchdown runs. He actually ran the second half kickoff back against Northgate to Northgate’s 29, setting up another touchdown. Here is a link to You Tube. At the :28 second mark, you can see Trotter scoring the game’s first touchdown on a slant. At the 1:50 mark, there are two plays in a row of Trotter receiving a pass and also completing a pass. Here’s the link…

    Hopefully, McIntosh can win against Whitewater (which is a tought team, though not quite as tough as # 10 Starrs Mill), Fayette County, and Upson-Lee. McIntosh also has a Region Play-in game on November 5. McIntosh lost two more of its starters this past Friday night due to major injuries (Joe Trevena and Alex Ishmael).

  15. Southside High School Observor says:

    Robert Trotter caught a beautiful pass from Cam Porter on a key third and 33 for a first down. I hope that the link above on WSB-TV 2 works. It shows the pass which set up the touchdown pass from Porter to Jake Turner. Porter had three TD passes and one TD run. McIntosh beat rival Fayette County 28 to 12. So far, other Region 3-AAAA teams are in the State’s Top Ten. Griffin is number 6 and Starrs Mill is number 8. By the way, powerhouse Griffin has produced more NFL players than any other Georgia high school…33 total! Wow!

    If McIntosh beats Upson-Lee this Friday, and Starrs Mill beats Northgate, McIntosh will actually be in the play-offs! The team has had over 15 players with major injuries this season. Joe Trevena, with a hamstring injury, is going to try to play this week. He’s a real workhorse in the backfield! Chris Cable had a great game in the backfield this past Friday. He’s more of a slasher than Trevena. Since McIntosh beat Northgate, in a tie-breaker, McIntosh and not Northgate will go to the play-offs…if McIntosh wins this week in Thomaston, Georgia and Starrs Mill beats Northgate.

    It’s been fun watching these teams this year. Georgia high school football is among the best in the country…along with Texas, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and California.

  16. Robert Trotter says:

    Hey guys: Thanks for the support during the year. Unfortunately, we had some big injuries this year…including an injury to our three-year starting QB, Cam Porter, on the second series of the first game. He came back on the fourth game, and we beat Northgate. We also beat Fayette County which had gone 10 and 0 in regular season a couple of years ago with UGA’s Brandon Boykin at QB. McIntosh and Fayette County are the oldest high schools in Fayette County, and this is our traditional rival. They beat us with on a Hail Mary last season. So, this was a good revenge game. Our intense rivalry is with Starrs Mill which soundly beat Griffin last Friday. I guess that Starrs Mill is in the top five in the State now. Starrs Mill and Griffin of our Region 3-AAAA have been in the State’s Top Ten most of the season. We had a great group of guys on the team who played their hearts out. I will miss playing with fellow seniors Cam Porter, Joe Trevena, Chris Cable, Alex Ishmael, Hamilton Paul, Karrod Strong, Evan Hall, Matt Fergus, Tim Thornburg, Nolan Rodriquez and many others. Many of these seniors may end up playing at the next level. I was fortunate to have them as teammates!

    I want to wish good luck to Tyler Price, Jake Turner, Matt Cichanski, Alex Ostendorf, Payton Williams and other sophomores and juniors who will be back next year. Jake, Tim, Matt, and Evan were great receivers this year. We had a great receiving corp with good hands! Jake even had to play quarterback for three games! His versatility came through!

    I also want to take this time to thank my coach, Coach Glenn Griffin, for readily accepting me into the McIntosh program this year. We are like a family. I thank also all of the coaches and fans for never giving up on us! We fought hard in all games and left it on the field, so to speak. The number of wins does not always measure a team’s heart. We had some great moments!

    Attached is a copy of some highlights for this past Friday night. Jake’s father, Mr. Turner, made this video and many other videos this season. Thanks, Mr. Turner! We didn’t win this game against Woodland, and our 10 game schedule is over. In this game, Cam and I teamed up for nine receptions and a TD on our first play from scrimmage. (We recovered a fumble.) I like to think that I did a 360 on this catch! Ha! I provide a link below of the video.

    I played with a hurt ankle the last three games, but I didn’t tell the coaches. (Sorry, coaches, but I wanted to play!) You might note a slight limp. I had turned the ankle in late Spring playing basketball and had it rolled upon in two of the last three games. But, it will be fine with some rest. Here are the time markers for my highlights:

    .31 TD on our first offensive play
    1.01 Normal catch
    1.06 Another regular catch
    1.13 A longer catch
    1.23 Picked up a few yards on a kickoff return
    2.02 Another catch
    2.17 Out-pattern catch
    2.42 Scoop catch on sideline — Cam had to scramble out of the pocket
    3.15 Sideline catch
    3.39 More yards on a far sideline catch

    Here is the link to the video…

  17. Danny says:

    Rob — congratulations on a great season!! I wish we could have won more — but over 15 injuries to starters is hard over come. Probably could have won at least two or three mroe…we were in those games!!! Whitewater — which we played real good the fisrt half beat Thomas County Central 15 to zip last night in the playoffs. Three other region 3aaaa schools —Griffin, starrs mill & Dutchtown– won in the playoffs last night. in fact, all four region 3aaaa schools won in the playoffs. so we played in a veyr tough region!!

    I noticed that still has your sophmore stuff up. why don’t they update it?? I know you are bigger now than when you were a sophmore. thats the old nike combine stuff from two years ago.

    Good luck in whatever you do in the future. I’ve enjoyed wathcing you adn the chiefs play this year!! We’ll be pulling for the Chiefs next year….to finally have that winning season!!

  18. Golfnut says:

    Robert — congratulations on being selected with all county honors. This is great honor with a football loaded county!!

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