Robert Trotter Trains at Athletes Performance Institute in Pensacola, Florida

     Robert Trotter is spending the next three weeks training at Athletes Performance Institute (API), the world renown training facility in Pensacola, Florida API has trained nearly 100 NFL First Rounders, including Robert Griffin, III, Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, Matthew Stafford, and A. J. GreenAPI focuses on Performance Training, Nutrition, and Physical Therapy with bigger, stronger, and faster always the targets.

Overall Number One Draft Choice Sam Bradford of Oklahoma University trained at API before being selected by the St. Louis Rams.  He stated this about Athletes Performance Institute:

“My experience at Athletes’ Performance has been wonderful. I don’t believe that there’s another facility in the country that could have integrated my rehab and workout programs the way they’ve done here in Pensacola. I believe this is definitely one of the best training facilities in the country and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve themselves.”

Trotter injured his back last football season after the first game.  Having played in only the first game due to the injury, the NAIA awarded him a medical redshirt.  This medical redshirt, along with his regular red shirt his first season, leaves Trotter with four years of collegiate eligibility left.  Trotter has been training very intensively since the end of April.  He trained one month in Columbus, Georgia; two months in Peachtree City, Georgia; and he will be training the next three weeks at API as he gets ready for the up-coming season with Belhaven University of Jackson, Mississippi.


Trotter has been hitting the weights and chowing down!

Belhaven finished 6 and 4 last season with two or three games which were in the balance until the end of the game.  The Belhaven coaches are very excited about this up-coming season, especially coming off a good recruiting year.  Belhaven‘s Isiah Wiley, a star defensive back and return specialist, was invited to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ training camp.  Wiley formerly started for the University of Southern California.  Another former Belhaven defensive back, Tramaine Brock, started for the San Francisco 49ers in this past year’s Super Bowl, and he and Belhaven‘s football program, along with Head Coach Joseph Thrasher, were featured in a New York Times article.  Belhaven offensive tackle, Matt Hall, appears to be headed to perhaps a  first day selection in the NFL Draft this coming Spring.  Hall formerly started for Ole Miss, and the 6′ 10″ and 325 pounder is being scouted heavily by many NFL teams.

Meanwhile, Trotter is determined to keep putting on more muscle to a 5′ 11″ frame that has essentially no body fat.  He signed with Belhaven at only 5′ 10″ and 150 pounds but is now a solid 5′ 11″ and 175Robert recently quipped, “I think that I will be tapping 180 when our summer camp starts at Belhaven.”

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